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Realms of Fortune¬†Welcome to the Realms of Fortune Guide! I must say this game is amazing and I’m not sure why theirs not more games like it on the Android Market. Below are helpful tips that I’ve found while playing along with some strategies and spoilers. The game is free up until level 4 then its only a $.99 to unlock the full version. Which is a pretty good deal I think considering there isn’t any other games like this for Android, yet.


Making Money

The fasted way I’ve found to make money so far is fishing. Investing in Fundimantals in the Gamekeeping perk early will let you catch bigger fish and better quality pelts. Plus you can find rings in fish with a drop rate of about 1 in 10. Their are also special fish like red ruby fish that sell for more than regular fish and emerald fish that have sparkles around them that will permanently increase stats. To respawn fish easy click on a teleport crystal and instead of teleporting away and back again just choose the same crystal.

Fighting Tactics

A good way to fight an enemy without taking a lot of damage is to initiate the fight with ranged spells. When the enemy starts to charge continue attacking with magic will backing up at the same time until running out of mana. Then you can either use melee attacks to finish them off or run away until the enemies looses his agro, charge up your mama again, and repeat attacking with ranged attacks.

Breathing Under Water

You can find items randomly that increase the amount of time you can stay under water. On one of the very first missions you receive a helmet as a reward for completing it. On my first playthrough I got junk helmet. On my second playthrough I received a helmet that let me stay under water for 180 more seconds. It looks like the base bonus amount is 60 seconds. I was not able to reach the end of deep underwater dungeons with the 180 sec bonus and needed 300 sec+ depending on the enemies. Though not all underwater dungeons are max depth and 180 sec would be sufficient.

Realms of Fortune Water Breathing Helmet


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  1. Have to say Realms of Fortune is one of the best android games i have played.I am addicted to it.Simple yet complex.Lot to explore.
    I have one ques.How to increase the perks in individual heads,for instance in “spell”,there is necromancy,sorcery.Whenever i try to add points to each head, it shows i have not fulfilled the requirements.I don’t know why.Can anyone kindly help

  2. In my messages it says if I eat certain rare fish I will gain “boons” (bonuses) that stay permanently. But does anyone know which rare fish it’s talking about? I need to sell the fish for the gold,not eat them just to try and find the rare ones it’s talking about.

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