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These are my experiences with being visited by spirits. I have put down the 11 biggest ones in the order they happened. The reality for me is that I’m constantly communicated with multiple times a day and if I added them all up the number would be in the 1000′s, but these 11 are the big one’s.


1. The Man with a Book


The first visit happened when I  was about 9 years old. One of the things I liked to do was move my room around every once in awhile. It always felt refreshing to do so and I learned at an early age that change was good. This particular time I moved my bed into a brand new spot. I’m not sure if it was the first night, but when I woke up around 3 am there was a man standing at the end of my bed. He was dressed in priest like cloths and looking down reading a book he was holding in his hands. All color including skin and cloths were different shades of white kinda like a hologram. Being that I was only a kid it scared the daylights out of me and I must of hid under my covers for a couple hour before checking to see if that thing was still there. When I finally looked he was gone.


2. The Girl with a Dog


Sometime around 9 years old again I decided to move my bed back to that same position. This time when I woke up in the middle of the night there was a girl holding a dog. Same routine, hide under the covers for awhile and then when I looked she was gone. At first I almost thought it might have been light from the street, but as I got older and experienced more of this type of thing Im pretty sure I  know what I saw was real. It was like someone tried to contact me again and make it seem more peaceful. There’s not much too scary about a girl holding a dog. It was enough to freak me out though. My guess as to why it only happened those 2 times in that house was the air on that side of the room was cleaner. Perhaps keeping me out of the cross draft between the door and window. The house had carpet and 2 smoking parents. I learned later in life I sleep much better with a window open for fresh air and sleep the best outside. It didn’t dawn on me till I was 27ish that there are dogs on the other side.


3. Visited by 3 Spirits


I had been living on my own in my friends basement. It was pretty much a none stop party house. People were constantly coming and going. One morning I woke up to what I thought was a heart attack. I freak out and call my mom and grandma and someone brought me to the hospital. They said everything was fine and that it was a panic attack brought on by smoking pot. At first I bought that answer. Later in life I realize it was the severe dirtyness of the basement. Huffing dirty unventilated air finally took its toll. After I left the hospital I went to stay the night at my grandmas house. Before I went to sleep I made the decision the I would have to stop hanging out with all my friend. At the time I thought it was the pot the almost killed me so I had to leave all my friends behind in order to avoid any kind of temptation. Because of this decision there was lots of pain and a heavy wait on my shoulders stopping my friends cold turkey and pretty much abandoning them, but I was determined to do it.


After pushing the pain aside I finally got to sleep. I wake up in the middle of the night to find a 1 to 2 year old baby sitting on my chest. I wasn’t scared at all and started to play with the baby by poking it in the chest and playing with its hands. It didn’t take long to figure out that the baby was mentally handicapped or something. It wasnt responding to me like normal and I started to get frustrated. As soon as I started to get frustrated the baby vanished and suddenly there was a girl sitting at the end of my bed around 6 years old, but this wasn’t your regular child. Her facial expression showed more intelligence and maturity than any person I’ve seen or met up until this day. When I looked at her I understood that everything was gonna be OK and all the pain and hurt I felt was gone in an instant. I truly understood that everything was gonna be ok not just in life, but in the after life as well.


Then she disapered and suddenly their was a tall skinny man, maybe in his 20′s, standing in the corner of the room like he was hiding in the shadows so I couldn’t see his face. He had Curt Cobain hair and was wearing a sweeter that looked just like Freddy Cougars with red and dark colored thick strips. He was trying to get me to go downstairs and watch dirty things on the computer. I didn’t want to, but I started to get out of my bed and go downstairs. When I got to the door at the bottom of the stairs I was like “I’m not gonna do this” and I turned around. I felt like he was following me, but when I turned around he was gone. Suddenly something pushed my head and I leaned back against the door. This told me that even if I can’t see him he’s still there trying to misguide me.


I believe this was an out of body experience. First, I don’t remember going back to my bed after turning around at the bottom of the stairs. Second, when I first lifted my head to play with the baby I swear I saw my spiritual head lift up from my physical head.


When I woke up in the morning I was very excited about the fact that everything was gonna be OK and I wanted to tell everyone. Right away I got a tap on my shoulder and I understood I shouldnt say its gonna be okay for everyone because its not going to be OK for everyone.


4. Crazy Demon Lady


I was about 19 and living at my grandmas house. I had stayed up late probably playing video games. While I was sleeping around 10 am I look up and there is a spirit of an old lady hovering over me. Then suddenly she let’s out the most evil blood curdling scream I’ve ever heard and I woke right up. I was so freaked out I couldn’t even get back to sleep even though it was light out. My guess is that it was one of my grandmas relatives. Maybe her mom or something and she was angry I wasn’t really doing anything with my life or maybe just an attack on my innocence. Its just like the woman in my family to think that yelling and screaming is a good motivator.


5. Grandpa

I was around 20 and I find myself back at my grandmas house again. This time my uncle Randy was living their. We really didn’t get along very good. One day I was sitting in the living room and picked up my grandmas giant bible. I flipped it open to find a bookmark with my grandpas picture on it. Immediately my whole body started to tingle and I heard a voice behind me say “Just try to get along with your uncle Randy”. I’m pretty sure it was my grandpa who died about 15 years prior.


6. Uncle Randy

About 21 years old I was sleeping on my sisters couch in her living room when nobody was home. I was having a dream about music and started to make the beat sounds with my mouth. I wake up and somebody finishes the beat by tapping on the kitchen sink. I was pretty freaked out and I had the weirdest feeling it was my uncle Randy who had just died. He was always a joker.


7. Uncle Randy Again


About 21 years old again I was spending the night at my grandmas. I wake up in the middle of the night because someone was pulling on my toes. Pretty sure this was my uncle Randy too. It just the kind of thing he would do to mess with ya. My toes felt like were popped like cracking your fingers. I think I just said something sarcastic to him and went back to bed. Their was no fear in this situation.


8. I Met God


It started when I was a little kid about 13. I would have dreams of trying to fly, but could only float. The first one i remember was over the sidewalk in front of my house. I was only able to get up as far as 2 or 3 feet and I would go back down. I had a memory of trying to fly again so there must have been a dream or 2 before this where I flu really good because I had this familiar hunger to do so.


I might add that when I have a dream of actaully achieving flight it’s the best feeling in the world. When I wake up Im in a great mood. I’ve had multiple of them and can’t remember them all mostly because they never seemed that important I guess.


I had another one around the age of 19. I was walking down a road and could only float again, but this time I could get up to about 20 feet in the air. There was a car in the street and I used it to do some fancy flips. It felt like being in a low gravity situation. There was 2 or 3 people walking about 100 feet behind me, but not towards me. They where walking east to west while I was going north. I think I was trying to show off. The one thing I never realized until I was about 29 was that everything was burned and the sky was like a dark red sun set. There were no homes or trees just open area that was scorched. Even the road look burned. With what I know now it makes me think I’m going to live through some kind of cataclysmic even.


For the most part these progress the older I got with me being able to go higher and with more control. Occasionally I wouldn’t do so good. Kinda like a 1 step forward 2 steps back thing, but they were always temporary.


Then when I was 22ish I had a one where I was in complete control. I was in a giant dome with a large basketball court. I flew around the top a bit until I had the idea to fly down as fast as possible to make myself feel like I was falling and it worked. Right after words I was instantly moved to a chair on the gym floor where I sat looking forward. I looked to my left and saw someone in a wheel chair with multiple people who looked to be trying to help him. I then felt a hand on each side of my head move my head so I was looking forward again. Then I immediately heard a voice say ” You are my son, open your eye’s”. When I opened my eyes there was a tall white figure standing to the side at the bottom of my bed. He had long white hair, a long beard, and was wearing some kind of robe type garb. After about 15 seconds he just faded away. And that’s how I met God.


It seemed like some kind of graduation and the message I took from it was to pay attention to what’s in front of me and not worry so much about what’s going on around me. At the time, this was the best advice anyone had given me. It literally changed me over night. I always had this feeling that everyone was watching me when I was around people which definitely took my focus away from anything I was doing.


How do I know that’s who I met? Who else would call me son besides Jesus. My dad is still alive and I never prayed to or put faith in Jesus for one reason. Everybody always called him GOD and that’s extremely confusing. How can someone be someone else? I always said I’m not sure what these people are talking about and I have feeling they don’t either so I’m just gonna go to the big man himself.


This was the only vision I had that carried over to a visit in the physical world. 

 9. Laughing Girl on Christmas


When I was about 25 I lived on my own out of town and far away from my family. I’m not sure why I decided not to go home for Christmas, but it didn’t really bother me that much. I woke up the eve before to a girl standing by my bed and laughing pretty much in my ear. I didn’t see here, but I could sense her and she was very loud. The laughter was peaceful and happy and made me feel the same.


10. Three Wondering Spirits


I’m around 26 now and living on my own in a big empty house and one of the few times I didn’t have roommates. This was an out of body experience. As I’m sleeping my spirit looks at the end of my bed and I see 3 figures, but can only really see the woman in the middle. The 2 figures on each side were fuzzy and dark. The woman then floats slowly over my body until her face was right over mine like I was looking in a body mirror laying down. She was an inch or 2 away from me and just looked at me for a few seconds then made a small breathing sound with a make you flinch type of motion. It scared my pretty good. I got the weirdest feeling these guys were just going door to door harassing people. They weren’t nice spirits that’s for sure.


 11. The Devil


I was just starting my internet career with blogging and e-commerce around 28 years old and was having a little trouble making money. As I’m sitting their looking at my computer I made the decision I was willing to do anything for money. Immediately after making what would be a poor decision and bad values I heard a voice say “The devil is here”. Right away the dog downstairs starts barking like crazy in its sleep and I feel this thing come in the back door and moved up stairs very quickly almost like wind. It stopped right next to me and did nothing like it was waiting for something. I was not scary, but very relaxed and didn’t dare try to communicate with it. May attitude was more like I didn’t care who he was and that i was unimpressed by his presence. It was smart of him not to talk because I would be better able to identify people with bad intentions if he did start running his mouth.  Afterwords I decided I would not do anything for money.


From my experience yelling, being mean to, and trying to hurt bad spirits will only make the situation worse. You must command them without anger or fear. You can ignore them too and they’ll go away.


If you have any experiences with being visited by spirits feel free to leave them in the comments.


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